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Anova Fitness is a personal training studio located in the community of Altadore, Calgary. Unlike a traditional gym, this boutique studio has been providing a more welcoming and private experience without any intimidation factors since 2010.

Personal training sessions are ~45 minutes and by appointment only. They can be 1-on-1, pairs or small groups. There are no membership fees or contracts, simply sign up for a 4-week package based on how many times a week you would like to train.

Our story:

Anova Fitness opened in 2010 and has been helping change the lives of clients ever since. Our reputation is built upon these success stories.


Our studio is more than a workout destination, it is a community of local families and business owners who value the personal service and relationships that are created through our network of trainers and clients. Whether you are looking Personal Training or Small Group Training in Marda Loop or Altadore, Anova Fitness can help you achieve your goals and make fitness fun again!




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As the main trainer and founder of Anova Fitness, I received my BSc in Kinesiology and Personal Training Certification from St. Francis Xavier University. I come from an athletic background and have over 10 years of personal training experience. Over the years I’ve worked with individuals seeking a wide variety of goals such as general strength and conditioning, weight loss, rehabilitation, injury prevention, sport specific training etc. When working with clients I like to take a lifestyle approach to personal training so I can develop an individualized program necessary for accelerated results.


Personal Trainer

Nathan has been working in the fitness industry for over 8 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Anova Fitness. After obtaining his BA in Sport and Excercise Management from the University of Technology in Sydney Australia, Nathan worked with professional Rugby League athletes before moving to Canada and starting his career as a personal trainer. Nathan is an advocate for functional movement patterns and challenging the body to master new exercises and routines. His workouts are always creative and utilize equipment that engages the mind and body simultaneously.

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